Petition supporting Canso Spaceport tabled in legislature

By Helen Murphy    
April 17 2019

CANSO – The Canso Area Development Assoc. (CADA) is pleased with the results from a petition it led in support of Maritime Launch Services’ proposed Canso Spaceport. The petition garnered 753 signatures and was tabled in the provincial legislature on April 11 by the MLA for Guysborough - Eastern Shore - Tracadie and Minister of Transportation Lloyd Hines.

“We were extremely pleased with the number of signatures, given we essentially had less than three weeks,” CADA President Harold Roberts told The Journal Monday. The petition called for the provincial government to support the development of the Canso Spaceport, which plans to launch commercial satellites into space.

“Feedback overall is very positive,” said Roberts, noting that a video of Hines tabling the petition is available on the MLA’s Facebook page.

At its next meeting on April 23, CADA will discuss the petition and any follow up activities.

“CADA has expressed support to assisting MLS with logistics in term of finding accommodations for staff, conditional upon an approval on the environmental side etc.,” said Roberts.

“We are awaiting the Minister’s decision.”

Maritime Launch Services submitted the required Focus Report on the project to the Dept. of Environment on March 11, 2019, as it pursues environmental approval. Public comments are being accepted until April 19. The department then has 25 days to review comments and make a recommendation to the minister.