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Sherbrooke nursing home to be replaced, expanded

  • December 6 2023
  • By Luke Ettinger, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter    

SHERBROOKE — High-Crest Sherbrooke nursing home will be replaced by 2029.

The province announced a new 48-room nursing home for the area on Dec. 5. The new building will have nine additional beds, with each resident having their own room and private washroom.

Greg Morrow, Minister of Agriculture and MLA for Guysborough-Tracadie, made the announcement at High-Crest Sherbrooke, on behalf of Seniors and Long-Term Care Minister Barbara Adams.

“Seniors are important members of our community, and I’m pleased to be a part of my government’s investments in long-term care homes,” said Morrow in a statement released Dec. 5. “Our loved ones who need long-term care will benefit greatly from a new and modern facility that will allow them to live in comfort.”

The owners and operators of long-term care facilities pay for the construction of the new and replacement long-term care rooms. The government provides an annual operating budget after residents move in to cover mortgage payments and staffing requirements.

“We are so pleased to acknowledge this significant investment in the seniors and residents of our community,” said Shannon Stephenson, president of High-Crest Enterprises. “We look forward to continuing to provide exceedingly high-quality care to the seniors in the Sherbrooke area in a space that appropriately supports their needs.”

Wait lists for long-term care spots vary across the province; as of November 15, there were just more than 1,700 people waiting at home for placement in long-term care – of those waiting at home, more than 70 per cent receive home care.

Seniors make up close to 22 per cent of Nova Scotia’s population; this is expected to climb to more than 25 per cent by 2032.

The new Sherbrooke home is part of the recent addition of 2,200 rooms to the province’s long-term care infrastructure plan. This plan expansion includes new long-term care homes that will add approximately 800 rooms to the long-term care system and the replacement of older homes with new, modern facilities that will have approximately 1,400 rooms.

All these new homes are expected to be ready by 2032. The original plan included homes with about 3,500 rooms expected to be ready by 2027.