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MLS completes demo launch pad

Company seeks support firms

  • April 12 2023
  • By Lois Ann Dort, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter    

CANSO — Maritime Launch Services (MLS) has completed construction of the launch pad for a demonstration launch at the project site slated for this summer. On April 4, MLS – the proponent of Spaceport Nova Scotia, the first commercial satellite launch facility in Canada – posted a video to Twitter depicting the construction of the pad.

“We did finish this first phase of construction earlier than we anticipated, mainly due to the mild winter,” MLS Vice President, Communications and Corporate Affairs Sarah McLean told The Journal via email April 10. “We had thought that construction would pause in January and February, but the teams were able to work through. With Nova Construction completing the access roads, and the demonstration launch pad poured by Lindsay Construction, we have completed our first phase of construction.”

In a press release issued on the same day, April 10, MLS announced it was seeking candidate firms and individuals to serve as the architectural and engineering design (A&E), owner authorized representative (OAR), and support the expansion of small class launch vehicle offerings at Spaceport Nova Scotia.

MLS President and CEO Steve Matier stated in the release, “As the significant demand for launch from Canada has increased and the payload backlog at other global sites has increased, Maritime Launch has received statements of interest from numerous launch vehicle developers. Due to this intense demand, we are currently reviewing proposals, and will down-select candidate small class launch vehicles that may be incorporated into the Spaceport Nova Scotia offerings to industry. With the first phase of construction now complete, our call for Sources Sought will ensure we select the right candidate who will work with us to select the A&E Design firm and evaluate the launch site layout and safely maximize Spaceport Nova Scotia’s offerings to our growing satellite client base.”

McLean wrote of this announcement, “The selected firm or individuals will support Maritime Launch in site configuration, facility requirements, launch vehicle interface requirements and operational requirements including, but not limited to, owner supplied equipment, security, maintenance, staffing levels, and operations management. The selected candidate will work in close coordination with the construction manager for Spaceport Nova Scotia, Lindsay Construction.”

Speaking to when these activities will lead to something to see in the sky, McLean wrote, “In terms of launch date, we are supporting Arbalest Rocketry and Launch Canada with a launch demonstration in early July. Following that, Maritime Launch will work towards a launch of a suborbital vehicle in late 2023, and orbital launch in early 2024.”