Sunday, August 14, 2022

August 10 2022

Marinas are vital piece of tourism infrastructure

In tourism development, it’s important to look both locally and regionally to see how our offerings measure up. On both accounts, marinas have a key role to play and it’s encouraging to see marina developments happening across our region this year.

Locally, marinas have the potential to be a summer hub for the community. That’s what we see happening in Guysborough. This year, the addition of the Humble Spud food truck has made a big difference in that regard, as has the increase in events and activities scheduled for the waterfront area. That includes hosting the main outdoor concert of Come Home Week at the waterfront. Although this year the weather wasn’t fully cooperative that day, crowds did come out for the entertainment and the fireworks that followed.

The Marina Building now hosts the ArtsWorks East Summer Gallery and next door the Jost Building is home to a summer market. The Guysborough Waterfront Development Society is now adding two kiosks to the area and a major boost comes on Thursday, Aug. 25 with the Bluenose II’s visit to Guysborough.

In Country Harbour, the new marina is now up and running with its first season shaping up to be a success. It’s a key addition to that community, which now boasts a popular RV park and country store with take-out kitchen.

And down the shore at Sheet Harbour plans are progressing well for a new and much-needed marina. This is an important piece of our regional offering to boaters, filling in a gap in places for boaters to stop, get services and explore.

Locally, marinas serve as a focal point of summer activity, and regionally our evolving string of quality marinas will provide a bigger attraction for boaters to explore Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore. Behind each project are dedicated and hardworking volunteers. We salute their efforts and perseverance in getting these projects and improvements from dream to reality.