Thursday, June 13, 2024

June 12 2024

All signs point to a stellar summer

When these late spring days treat us to warm weather and sunny skies, it’s easy to feel optimistic about the promise of summer. But, there’s more than mild temperatures suggesting that a stellar summer awaits us.

We’re particularly encouraged to see new offerings on the local summer calendar rolling out – new events and activities adding to the regular list of fun festivals planned for July and August.

Standouts among the newbies include the Stanfest Roadshow. The popular Stan Rogers Folk Festival in Canso is adding a roadshow concert series in the days leading up to the big event, with eight concerts in six communities stretching from Sherbrooke to Guysborough. Kudos to the Stanfest team for continuing to innovate as it approaches its 30th anniversary year.

Two of those Stanfest Roadshow events are being hosted by Seawind Landing Country Inn in Charlos Cove, which reminds us of the important role small businesses play enhancing our summer offerings – for both residents and visitors – in Guysborough County and the Eastern Shore. The country inn has also been innovating, attracting new customers this past year with its impressive new dining and event space, which has opened up new entertainment possibilities.

We also expect to see more activity on the Guysborough waterfront this summer. New plans are taking shape for the popular Waterfront Wednesdays entertainment evenings and a new café in the Jost Building now offers a terrific spot for taking in the sights and sounds of the waterfront any day, and has its own entertainment offerings.

Sherbrooke Village is adding ghost tours this summer. Inspired by Helen Creighton’s folklore collections, guides will enlist the aid of well-meaning “wayfarers” to identify a Sherbrooke legend that has haunted the village.

And, in Sheet Harbour, the popular Seaside Festival has the potential to grow again this year as organizers actively encourage more organizations to take part, with an eye to adding events in more communities.

These are just a handful of new and enhanced offerings close to home that are worth getting excited about – and getting out for – this summer.

Thanks to all the creators, innovators, volunteers and entrepreneurs behind what’s shaping up to be an impressive summer line-up in our region.