Future of Mulgrave school to be decided soon


By Lois Ann Dort

GUYSBOROUGH – The School Options Committee's (SOC) final public meeting regarding the SAERC feeder school system, which includes Mulgrave Memorial Education Centre, will be held at SAERC on Tuesday, Feb. 16. This will be the third and final public meeting on this issue as mandated by the provincial school review policy. The meeting was announced during the regular monthly meeting of the Strait Regional School Board on Wednesday, February 3 held in Guysborough.


Following the board meeting SRSB Superintendent Ford Rice told the media, “The process is going along as delineated in the provincial school review policy...There have been numerous, what we call, working committee meetings of the School Options Committee and they occur on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, often times in preparation for the public meetings.” Ford explained that during such meetings the SOC hold discussions about scenarios and issues; looking at information that was provided in the public meetings.


It is anticipated that the SOC will submit their report to the Superintendent and board in March although no firm date has been established.


On Monday, February 15, the Town of Mulgrave will hold a public meeting to discuss the future of Mulgrave Memorial Education Centre, one of the schools that make up the SAERC feeder system. The meeting will be held at the Mulgrave Fire Hall at 7 p.m.


In other business, the board is moving forward with consultations for their new three-year strategic plan. They have met with school advisory committees and have more meetings scheduled across the school board this month. The board also plans to consult focus groups including African Nova Scotians, Aboriginals, and students. Implementation of the strategic plan formulated in 2013 saw a doubling of teachers of African descent. Similar goals are expected in the forthcoming plan.


The consultation process is scheduled for completion on March 11. A strategic planning consultation survey is available online at http://srsb.ca/content/strategic-planning-consultation-survey-2016-2019.



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