Ivany Report: Strait leaders get update on next steps


By Helen Murphy


DUNDEE – Nova Scotians should not look to the provincial government to be the source of all solutions to the economic and demographic challenges highlighted in the Report of the Nova Scotia Commission on Building Our New Economy – commonly known as the Ivany Report. That was a key message from Bernie Miller, deputy minister in the Office of Planning and Priorities, in his keynote address at the Strait of CansoSuperport Days 2014, in Dundee last Thursday.

“In some cases the role of government is to get out of the way,” said Miller, noting that other groups are already talking about how they can help achieve the goals of the report. “We’re not crowding out community roles in finding solutions.”

Miller said the provincial government does have an important leadership role to play in addressing the economic and demographic “crisis” facing the province.
Guysborough Warden Vernon Pitts, Mulgrave Mayor Lorne MacDonald and other municipal leaders and councillors from throughout the Strait region joined local and provincial business leaders at the luncheon address.

To help ensure the input and action of all sectors in society in putting Nova Scotia on a more promising path, the province has established the One Nova Scotia Coalition, which began its work in June.

“The One Nova Scotia Coalition will pursue the vision and goals of the One Nova Scotia Report to engage all Nova Scotians in a broad-based response,” said Miller. The Office of Planning and Priorities has become the secretariat for the One Nova Scotia Commission.


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